Monday, 28 December 2015

Audiobook Woes

So, if you guys read my previous post, you know that I got my first ever audiobook for the 2015 Reading Challenge - The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

It did not go well you guys.

Here's the thing, I'm more of an auditory learner. I learn better when I'm listening to someone explain something. So naturally, audiobooks MUST bring me joy. It should have been my thing.

But no... This is what happened -
 I totally dozed off. Then I thought maybe it would be better if I heard the audiobook while I was travelling. I usually listen to music while travelling, so this should be the solution. I'll surely finish at least half the book.

I totally fell asleep again.

Maybe it was the narrator. I think because his voice was so calm, it started to feel like a lullaby and I just dozed off. Lovelies, I don't think audiobooks are for me. Am I alone in this?

Maybe I should try another audiobook next year? With a different narrator? Any recommendations?

Let me know in the comments below!

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