Hello my lovelies!

I'll get right to the point. My home is getting refurbished and I won't have as much time as I'd like to post reviews here... :(

On the other side after all the things are done there will be many reviews to come after because with limited access to the internet, all I'll have to keep me sane are the books! ;)

Also I'm thinking about doing a few promo posts for authors, (Psstt... Authors feel free to contact me! :D )

On the sidelines... I'll be on Twitter @TheCuriosityKey and if you all need me drop me a DM over there.... :D

Also my birthday is in a few days!! :D Whohoo!! :D

Maybe after all the things settle down I'll have a giveaway... It'll be at least a couple cool bookmarks! (I'm a secret bookmark hoarder... Well not so secret now :P)

Keep safe, be happy and keep reading!! :D <3


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