Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Review for Tell Me a Story by Ravinder Singh

Tell Me a Story by Ravinder Singh
There is always a story that changed your life ...
And that is the time when life happened for you!
Tell Me a Story is a collection of heart-warming stories about events and incidents that have affected or changed the lives of the writers in ways that they cannot forget. Happy or sad, inspiring or shocking, these are stories of moments that have left an indelible mark on their lives. Stories that they would love to share.
Edited by Ravinder Singh, Tell Me a Story is about the moments that make life worth living. This is the second such anthology, after the highly successful Love Stories That Touched My Heart.


I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher for an honest review.

Tell Me a Story is a collection of stories edited by the Indian Author Ravinder Singh. In this anthology each chapter is written by a different author. We are introduced to that chapter of the author's life where a particular incident made an impact on them, or changed the way they see the world. It was like reading snippets out of memoirs or a person's diary.

I hate writing harsh reviews but, I just have to get this out.

I did not enjoy this read. Maybe because the stories were so short I could not connect with any of the stories or the "characters". I kept putting off reading this book for so long. For me the writing style did not fit in with the premise of the book. For a book that has "Inspiring, Touching, Funny and Heartfelt Stories from Life", the writing style felt forced when it should have just flowed like a conversation between the author and the reader. These are supposed to be personal stories, real life stories, but some of them felt made up. Some of them were like dressed-up confessionals.

When I was reading some of the chapters, I remembered this episode from FRIENDS where Joey writes a letter of recommendation for Monica and Chandler and he uses the "thesaurus" feature to make his letter seem better.

The stories weren't all bad. There were some stories with merit. But the writing style missed the mark for me. Kind of disappointing.

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