Saturday, 28 April 2018

Review for Webley and The World Machine

Webley and The World Machine by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

A world beneath our world.
An army of mechanical monsters.
A war to end all wars.

When childhood best friends Adal and Arija discover a steam powered world hidden deep within the earth, the result is life changing. Webley and the Dwellers of The World Machine work to keep the Earth turning. But when Arija and Adal stumble onto a growing conflict that will destroy the Earth, they find themselves forced to fight.

Will they be able to stop the war in time or will they regret ever having set foot in The World Machine?

This book was so gooooddd! I'm beginning to think I really enjoy Steampunk books.

Webley and the World Machine was such a fun read. I loved the storyline and the plot. It was such a different book. But I was absolutely SOLD just as soon as I saw the art in the book. Put maps, art, music or anything of that sort in a book and I'm 100% more likely to read it and love it.

I just wish the book was polished a little bit more and I wish the ending was a little more fleshed out. Like the entire book is so full of little details and art and wonderfulness that the ending to me felt a little abrupt.

But I adored the characters and the writing style flowed well too.

Overall, a great read! ♥

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