Friday, 21 July 2017

Yesterday a musician that I've loved passed away. Many of you out there loved him and I just needed to share a little about him.

Last night just before I headed off to bed, I saw a notification from Facebook. I checked the notification and as I was backing out I saw an article that said that Chester Bennington  (of Linkin Park fame) had passed away. I grabbed on to the table next to me because I was afraid I'd fall down. I read the headline again, and quickly dismissed it. Then I scrolled down. I saw article upon article reporting his demise. I couldn't believe it. I refused to.

I closed the app and just went off to bed with his songs stuck in my head.

He was a part of one of the first bands I loved. I discovered Linkin Park through my then close friend. We listened to Numb, the first song I'd ever heard from Linkin Park, and we were done for; fans for life. It spoke to me on a different level entirely.

As I woke up I didn't remember about what I'd read last night. Then as I logged in to aimlessly scroll through Facebook it hit me again like a ton of bricks. Chester Bennington was gone. How could he just be dead? I was expecting tears, instead I was just numb.

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I read two amazing articles by Buzzfeed India. You can check them out HERE and HERE.

I'll end it here. I just need to listen to his words and drift off to sleep. Chester, you'll forever be missed. I hope you are in a better place now and I hope that you know that in the end it did matter. You've touched the lives of thousands of people everywhere, and we'll sorely miss you. RIP ♥


  1. It is so so sad. D: I haven't listened to a lot of his music but I like what I heard. My heart kind of breaks when things like this happens. I hope you're doing okay soon.

    1. Thanks Cait ♥ I'm doing alright. At times like these my words get all jumbled up in my head though.


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