Friday, 24 March 2017

Review for Turn Tables by Stacey Rouke

Turn Tables by Stacey Rourke
Between private jets, designer labels, and lavish resorts, Tandy Owens should be having the time of her life. Her celebrity author best friend is getting married and all of Hollywood’s elite have turned out for the event. Unfortunately, Tandy’s mood is far from celebratory.

For over a year her heart has been torn between two men: Matthew Cruz, the brilliant, well-educated entrepreneur who makes her feel like a queen, and Mateo, his womanizing musician alter ego, who is known for collecting platinum records, and the panties of his sexual conquests. Matthew assures her that Mateo’s antics are all a show. Even so, with her being the only one to witness his softer side, Tandy begins to wonder which persona is truly the act.

In the sizzling heat of Miami, Tandy reaches the breaking point with their secretive romance, and finds herself asking if a hidden love is truly worth fighting for?

Turn Tables is the second book in the Reel Romance Series by Stacey Rourke. I loved the first book Adapted to Film. And this book was just as good. 

I've said it every time I post about Stacey Rourke, I love her writing style. It just reads beautifully and it always has a little bit of humor and sarcasm. Reel Romance Series is a refreshing series by Stacey Rourke so far. Its a light-hearted romance with the author's own unique style and spin. I loved the characters in Turn Tables. But the friendship between Aubrey and Tandy will forever be my favorite pairing and they are #FriendshipGoals. (I know... just... just... okay?)

Turn Tables has everything - A wedding, drama, sarcasm, friendship, romance and a big ass teddy bear. (You will have to read it to find out ;) )

Overall - Perfect summer read set in the sizzling heat of Miami.

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