Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review for Good Side of Sin by K.S. Haigwood

Good Side of Sin by K.S. Haigwood

Josselyn has just spent the last three months in intense Line of Defense training so she could join Malcolm’s search party. Little did she know the archangels had no intention of letting her bring back into Heaven an angel who had opened a portal between Heaven and Hell, at least not before saving God's creations from the tight grasp of Lucifer first.

Three months have passed since the angel Rhyan released nine repented demons from Hell, and now innocent people are dying, but their souls are not going to Heaven. Josselyn's mission is to find the demon responsible for stealing the souls and bring it to justice before Lucifer gains enough power to rise and claim Heaven and earth as his own. 

Her whole world is shaken when she discovers what tool Lucifer is using to track down the one key to the release of his eternal damnation. Thoros is one half-souled immortal she prayed she would never see again. The ex-Prince of Lust had stolen her heart and crushed it with a cheeky smile. Now, not only is she being forced to put her damaged ego aside and face the only man that has ever hurt her, but she has to work with him in order to complete her assignment.

Is she strong enough to keep from falling in love with him again? Or is their love the only thing that can keep Lucifer from getting the one thing he wants most?

After reading Hell's Gift I thought this one is going to be my favorite in this series that was till I finished Good Side of Sin! Now this one is my new favorite in the series.
It follows Josselyn as she sets out on an seemingly impossible mission to save Heaven and Earth from Lucifer's tricks, and boy does he have some up his sleeve!

I'll be honest, in the beginning it is sort of a drag and you will wonder where this is headed, but keep going it gets so good! Good Side of Sin was an amazing read. With twists that you never saw coming and some gasp worthy moments.
As always I loved the writing style and the characters were great. I loved this new world created by the author Limbo. All of her book worlds are so different from the last and yet somehow it comes together.

Overall an amazing, adventurous, action packed and with a bit of "Aww" moments in there, Good Side of Sin has been an amazing read!

PS: I loved that some of our favorite characters showed up here! Not telling who, its for me to know and for you to find out! ;)

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