Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sacrifice by RM Gilmore Release Day Blitz!

Book 3 in the Dylan Hart Odessey of the Occult - Sacrifice by RM Gilmore is out!! :D


Dylan has found herself in quite the conundrum...oh shit, who are we kidding? 

She's ass deep in death and it's knocking down her door. Literally. 
Endless Night left you with your heart pounding and your stomach in your butt...book three will flip you upside down and take you on a ride that'll leave your knees quivering and your head lying on the floor...literally.

If you haven't sunk your teeth into this series (like me.. Boo. I know I'm reading now though! ;) )
Then here's a fabulous deal! The first two books are on sale!!! Grab it now!!

Check out some of the rave reviews it's already getting! ;)


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