Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Review for Beastly by Alex Flinn

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by Alex Flinn 

A great adaption of the Beauty and the Beast..

A contemporary take on the classic..

The movie version of 'Beastly' caught my attention first..

But let me tell you, the 'book is always better than the movie' 


 I never expected this book to be this cool and funny! Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. That's why in the first place I picked this book for a read. A fairy tale re-telling, this was a first for me. I have watched movies where the fairy tales like 'Snowhite and Cinderella being retold. But I never got a chance to read any 're-tellings' before.

The way Alex Flinn narrates the story of Beast is so good! She simply puts the beast in this century! The beast is a boy (not a prince but the son of a celebrity!) A Beast who uses lap top and buys things online is so funny and somehow so real! yes, so real!.

The witch is my favorite! :) Unlike the old fairy tale the witch in this book/century is so good! she has 99 out of 100 from me! :)
Kendra The Witch Rockss! :D And, hey Beastly is the first book from the series 'Kendra Chronicles Series'. The second book in the series is 'Bewitching'.

 The movie version is worth watching. Alex pettyfer has done a great job in making 'beastly' perfect. The movie version of the beast is not hairy but a little scary. I mean, in the book the beast/Kyle has hair all over his body plus he has long nails and scary teeth; and no lips. Well, in the movie we can see a different but good version of beastly. A beast with six pack, not so scary ;)

After reading the book 'Beastly', I was not so into accepting Venessa Hudgens as Lindy. Its because I imagined a different Lindy when I was reading the book. But then somehow I liked her in the movie :)

~The Moon

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