Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My THG Story

My THG Story started when my friend recommended THG to me. After the constant nagging, as any good book buddy does, I finally gave in and started reading. And I was a goner right from page one. I would rush back home everyday so that I could read more of the book and I think I must have finished it in a week or two maybe?
I remember just making up excuses and just rushing out after the lectures to get back to the book. I laughed, I cried and went into a major book hangover (of course!). I would rave about it to anyone that would listen. I bored my parents with the story and cried about how unfair it was. I might feel a teeny tiny bit bad for them now though. I begged my mom to get me the box set because I just HAD to have it. She eventually gave in..

Here it is! My precious!

I loved the characters, the strength, and the story. I loved the strong female lead the most I think. Maybe because of the things going on at the time, or maybe it was something else, but this series just connected with me like none other had in quite a long time. I remember before, my favorite couples, or characters were never the main ones, I'd always gravitate towards the other characters in the story, but THG changed that (It changed back after Mockingjay, but come on! Finnick!). Katniss and Peeta are my OTP.
Then the first movie released and I dragged my mom along with me to watch it, partly because I drag her to go to all the movies with me and partly because I thought she might like it. She wasn't really sure about it but after the movie... she was a fan!! (And we've watched all the parts together!)

I loved the movies almost, not quite but almost, as much as the books. The movies managed to keep with the essence of the books and the actors I felt were apt for the characters.
Now, years after I first read the series. I still find small things that remind me of it, still find things that make it more endearing, still find things that break my heart all over again (looking at you heartbreaking headcannons!).

I'll love this series forever.

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