Friday, 1 June 2012

Review For Oceans Of Red Volume Two

Oceans of Red Volume Two by Willow Cross

 “This is the whole of existence. Many different dimensions all overlapping and occurring at the same time and place. In one dimension, the demons never arrived here. In another, they’ve always ruled. Multiple outcomes for the same event occurring right now, right here, just a layer above or below us...”

Oceans of Red Volume Two follows Remy as she sets out to discover who she truly is. In this part she learns more about herself and the powers she possesses. She must come to terms with what has been planned for her well before her time and what she must do to save the world she lives in, the world she knows. She faces things she never thought possible and yet there it was...
Another amazing tale about the post – apocalyptic world keeps you hooked to see what happens next..
There’s so much I want to say but can’t without giving out spoilers.. So I’ll just say enjoy another amazing piece of work by the talented Willow Cross!

You can contact the author on Facebook at Willow Cross
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