Saturday, 31 October 2015

Review for The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

How do you rid the Earth of seven billion humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.

Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible. Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the fundamental trust that binds us together is gone. As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others’ ultimate goal: the extermination of the human race.

Cassie and her friends haven’t seen the depths to which the Others will sink, nor have the Others seen the heights to which humanity will rise, in the ultimate battle between life and death, hope and despair, love and hate.

Okay let's just get this out of the way. I was a tad disappointed with this one.
The 5th Wave was by far the most freaky/scary dystopian books I had read. The plot was set up in such a way that it seemed it could be real, you know? I was completely freaked out by it and I adored the book for it. And for the same reasons I was a bit hesitant to read this one. I wasn't ready yet :P

I finally decided to read it for Halloween as this year's scary book, but it just wasn't there. The expectations set up by The 5th Wave were far too high and The Infinite Sea just didn't deliver it. There are several great moments in the book, many mind-boggling additions to the Others' plan; but it didn't really hit the level that I'd come to expect of it.
I probably had way too many expectations of this book, and maybe that is the reason I didn't enjoy it as much.

It did have its moments where I had to put the book away, and just absorb what had happened. It did have more layers and more complex notions added to the book world. It did have its little scary/creepy moments. But it wasn't that scary/creepy as the first book.

Overall, mixed feelings. :|

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