Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review for The Citizens by L.M. Smith!

God! I've been so lazy and so forgetful!! I haven't updated all my reviews here at all!!
I'll get to it like soon! :) One review at a time! ;)
For now here's my review of an AWESOME book that makes it to my list of favorite reads in 2012!

The Citizens (A Jazz Nemesis Novel) by LM Smith

Well here is a book like no other. The Citizens by LM Smith is one book which is just amazing! Five people who don’t know each other are thrown into a deserted town - Kolob in the middle of nowhere. They have no clue how they got there, where they are and what is going to happen. All five of them – Jazz, Beck, Piper, Kaori and Gordon - have nothing in common that would help them understand why they were taken. All they know is that they have to escape... But can they?
This very different story, a very different take on the fabled ‘end of the world’ – 12-21-12 is unlike any other novels I’ve ever read! Entertaining, Exciting, Unique and Fast Paced with something very different in every chapter; left me wanting to read more. Just when you think you have figured out what is going to happen there is another twist! I loved the writing style and it had me captivated in the first few chapters itself. The characters are well developed and believable. I really don’t want to say much here and give out spoilers. This one is now on my top best reads of 2012 list! And I think I’d definitely add it to the re-read pile!!
I can’t say enough about how good this book is, but it’s just too good!!! And the end!! I just hope the next one comes out soon!

You can grab your copy of this amazing book over at Amazon
And you can check out the author's page at Facebook

Till later!

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