Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review of Rift Healer by Diane M. Haynes

Rift Healer by Diane M. Haynes

" "Hey, look at that,” Lacey whispered, staring into the woods. Haley and Taylor followed her gaze and saw on the edge of the forest, the unicorn stallion. Surrounded by deep green hemlock trees and illuminated by a misty shaft of golden sunlight, he shimmered and glowed in the most magical scene ever. At that moment, the unicorn lifted his muzzle, caught a look at the kids and disappeared, dissolving in a thick curtain of glitter. As the sparkles faded in the sunshine, the three exchanged wide-eyed looks. "

Being warned by the fortune teller about having the most exciting and dangerous summer of their life, twins Hayley and Lacey head to their grandmother’s for the summer. Looking forward to romance and adventure, not knowing that’s exactly what they’ll get and then some! Rift Healer was exciting, fun and it never really had a dull moment in it. Beautiful imagery made me want to actually visit the forest. The concept is so unique and different that its special to me just for that! This one had me in the start itself when I read that map... I love it when the author takes the book a step further and puts in maps and other imagery to help it just makes me appreciate the book a whole lot more...
This book has it all, all of my favorite things – Magic, Unicorns, Dragons, Water Sprites, Faries, Good Plot – which never gets boring, Fast paced, Action packed and the best part its an escape! The imagery and the way its described is so simple that you just get carried away to this beautiful place... But I will have to say my favorite scene was the unicorn one.. I loved it! :D
Amazing read for all fantasy lovers out there!! :D

PS: The little passage above I quoted is not the unicorn scene I was talking about! You'll have to read to find out!! ;)

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  1. TJ--
    Thank you for a lovely review! You are the first to mention the map. I love maps as well. I drew the one in the book for myself, though. I needed to see where I was sending my characters. So I drew it to keep track of where they were, as well as where they were headed.
    The unicorn scene is one of my favorite, as well.
    Thanks again,
    Diane M. Haynes

  2. :D

    Thank you for gifting me a copy to read! :D