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Embrace by Stacey Rourke Blog Tour

I’m super excited and so so very glad to be a part of the Embrace Blog Tour!! The Gryphon Series is now one of my favorite series and I would encourage everyone to read it! Doesn’t matter if you are a teen or an adult! Its an amazing read and you will fall in love with it as I did! :)

The blog stops on the Blog Tour:
August 1st (Review)
August 3rd (Author interview)
August 4th (Character interview)
August 7th interview)

Here is my review for Embrace by Stacey Rourke:
"I guess you're unaware of my official title; Conduit of the Gryphon and killer of romance"

Embrace is the second book in The Gryphon Series. I absolutely loved The Conduit and the bar had been set high. Embrace does not disappoint! This book was beyond amazing...  There’s just so many amazing moments in the book that I don’t really want to spoil it for you all! So just a teeny tiny description will have to do...
Celeste has come to terms of her being the Conduit and having her sacred duty just because her ancestors made a pact centuries ago.  Her siblings seem to be able to adjust to performing their sacred duties and have a normal life too. Celeste is unable to get over Alec and find love again... Enter Caleb and all that is about to change. Add to that Rowan the bad boy pirate demon and everything she knows, she has to question. Who should she trust? What should she do?
This book was just too good if not better than its predecessor. The plot was amazing and it kept me guessing as to what would happen next. There was not a single dull moment in the entire book and it had me hooked right from the start. What I loved most about this book is that its believable. Not everyone is perfect as its always shown in the books. But Celeste’s character shows that even though she is super strong and the fabled “Chosen One” she still is vulnerable – That to me just makes the story that much more better for me. She is the superhero and still needs her family and friends as we all do.
And as last time there were so many lines that I absolutely loved! I just included one of my favs on the start of the review! ;)
I’ll just say that this is an amazing book and you all should definitely give it a read!! :D
And the cover!! *-* Isn't it just amazing?!

Author Bio –
Writing is something I have always done.  I can remember in elementary school creating stories that I would stand up and read aloud to my classmates…whether they liked it or not.   As I grew older I didn’t flaunt my writing as freely.  It became something I did just for me  to vent my teenage angst, or chronicle my journey to adulthood.  I never thought about becoming a writer because that title prompted the visual of a grey-haired man in a tweed smoking jacket with suede elbow patches, slaving over an old fashion typewriter while puffing away on a pipe.  No way was that stuffy kind of life for me.  (Plus tweed is itchy.)  Instead I wanted to be in the spotlight!  I wanted to be–pause for dramatic effect–an actress!  I gave it my best shot, too.  Got about as far as any aspiring actress can get in Flint, Michigan.Which is exactly no where.  But I did get two great things out of my time delving into the theatrical world; I gained the ability to act out the scenes I write to make sure they’re believable (yes, I really do that and no, you can’t watch) and I met my amazing husband.
My theater ambitions behind me, I decided to do the “mature,” “grown up” thing and went back to college.  As I worked toward my Bachelor’s degree in marketing I did a lot of writing.   Essays, research papers,  PowerPoint presentations. All of it mandatory, none of it what I would ever call fun.  Even then, becoming a writer never entered my mind.  No, then I was going to be a business tycoon…or somethin’.
Truth be told, I never picked writing.  It picked me.  During my time as a stay at home mom I needed an outlet to give me a mental break from diapers, formula and midnight feedings.  That’s when my hands found their way back to the keyboard.  Story ideas began coming at such an incessant rate that my rapidly clicking fingers couldn’t keep up.  Post-It notes and scrapes of paper with story ideas decorated every inch of our house.  In mid-conversation with my husband I would dart off to jot down things that would come to me.  Sweet guy my hubby is, he would just shake his head at my obvious rudeness and hold my place in the conversation.
My first book was completed for an entire year before I told anyone about it.  I outed myself as an author and then sent out my first round of query letters to literary agents.  Surely, it would be picked up immediately and become an overnight success!  Yeah, not so much.  For two years I got rejection, after rejection, after rejection, after rejection…you get the idea.  Thankfully with the ever increasing pile of rejections came feedback.  I digested all the suggestions and applied the usable ones to my manuscript.  Little by little, the rough edges were chipped away and the diamond shone through.  The work paid off when I received an email from a publisher offering me a contract on The Conduit.
It’s been a long road, and it ain’t over yet.  But now, at thirty-mumble, mumble years old I finally know what I wanna be when I grow up–-a writer.

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