Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review for The Conduit

The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

"Turns out chivalry isn't dead, it's just busy laughing and pointing."
"But then life intervened, as it so enjoys doing."
"The life of a superhero. Glamorous no?"
(There are so many lines that I loved! These are just the top 3!!)

The Conduit is the one book I’d pick up to re-read over and over again! It follows Celeste Garrett and her siblings Kendall and Gabe as they head to stay with their Grams in the small town of Gainesboro. The prologue itself is so interesting that I wanted to know more and read faster. The characters were just amazing and react as any of us would when the weight of saving the world rests on you. Celeste, Kendall and Gabe are sucked into being superheroes because of a pact made by their ancestors centuries ago. Follow their story as they follow their destiny and try to save the world and manage to get on each others’ nerves as well! Well isn’t that what siblings are supposed to do? :P
This book has what are now my favorite one liners ever! Ms. Rourke knows how to reel you in with her superb writing and keeps you wanting more! Funny, Snarky, Action packed, Dramatic, Delightful! All in all well worth the read! (During my exams coming up that is... Nothing better than a good book to help you relax right? ;) )

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Till later!

PS: Later I got to know that my exams were postponed! xD Good no? :P

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