Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sometimes You Just Gotta Get It All Out!

Okay this one is going to be one of those rant moments..You've been warned! :P

Over here Monsoon has started which means constant rain (well almost :P ) and a kinda gloomy climate in general... I LOVE rains but its something about the weather that just makes me want to curl up on my bed with my tab and just get lost in an amazing book (One of my favorite things to do! ;) ) and do nothing else! Absolutely nothing.. No college.. No talking to people.. Nothing... Some people might think I'm one of those loner types, I'm not.. I love my friends dearly, its just that the "friends" have forgotten the meaning of being friends..
Honestly these days its hard to find people who genuinely care. And for head cases like me, its really hard to get over the fact that there are no such people anymore... Honestly every few months I have these "Happy Realization Moments"... Its like all the things happened right in front of me and yet I chose to ignore just because I loved that friend dearly or just plain ignorance.. This comes back and bites you in the backside and well come on.. That's no fun!

Well the reason for all this rant is that sometimes you just need to unload all this stuff and get it off and out of your system! This past few days has been one of those "Happy Realization" ones.. So yeah I did pretty much nothing.. :P To those authors who are so amazing I'm back to reading and the reviews will be up soon! :)

What I wanted to say is no matter how independent you are, no matter how much ever you think you can handle it all alone, the bottom line is that at some point of time you do need to talk it out to someone and just get it out... I'm always there to just listen and help out in any which way I can.. So always feel free to drop me a message over at my FB page.. :D

Much love to all of you wonderful people!! Hope everyone has an amazing day! <3

Till later!

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