Reading Challenge

This year so many great books are being released, so I did not want to box myself in and force myself to read books just for the challenge. I did that last year and I detested it. I mean we read for fun so this year I have decided not to have a challenge. I will try to come up with something else just for fun.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 52 Books - FINISHED! ✔

Also you might have noticed that I have significantly scaled down my Goodreads Reading Challenge too, again this is for my sanity this year.

So instead of the Reading Challenge, here are my 2017 Reading Goals

  • Read more Indie Books (New post about this next year!)
  • Read at least 5 Paperbacks - Read a few borrowed ones. I wanted to read from the books I should have read from my shelf but I didn't. 
  • Listen to more Audiobooks - Read Octopussy narrated by Tom Hiddleston.
  • A Poetry Book - Loved Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires by J.R. Rogue
  • Start and Finish a NEW Series - Started and Finished The Lucky Beggar Trilogy
  • Read more comics (There's just some nostalgia about reading comics for me) - Read two books by Sarah Anderson. I love her and LOVED the books!
  • A Chinese Book (This is a big one for me, because well my vocabulary is limited but I SHALL TRY! The big task will be to find a book that I can actually read.) - FAILED SO HARD! I couldn't find a book that I could read through. Maybe next year!

I will try keep this page updated. 

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