Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back To School Haul + Tips

First off apologies my lovelies… This was supposed to be up last week… But I’ve been in the weirdest mood/funk ever and had a super busy week… I'm so behind on my reading!!

Lets get back to the post! It’s back to school season #BTS2015 and I’ve been seeing all these amazing Back to School videos and posts everywhere… So I thought I’d share my BTS Haul with you guys!

First I have to show you guys this paper cutter (I think... It could double up as a bone folder too though... :P)

I found this cute little thing while I was re-arranging some stuff to make space for my college books and generally re-organize my shelves... Isn't it cute?? I love the little elephant on the top of it!!! ♥

(PS LOVING the DSLR... Look how detailed the pic is!! Squeeee!)

Now that I've got that out of my system...
Lets get to the supplies!

I got these three folders to keep all my papers and notes tidy and neat.

I always get one of these expandable folders to keep all the loose papers, receipts and any other document or notes I might need for each semester. These come with tabs which is really convenient to sort things out and find things quickly when you need them! I found this pretty blue and black one at my local store.
I also go these document cases, which is like a box, so its sturdy and does not let the papers fold or get crumpled. Its pretty neat to carry the projects and papers that you need to submit.
In case you were wondering, the tip was to get some folders or anything that works for you to keep all those loose papers and notes sorted. Personally I sort them according to the subjects.

Next I bought some notebooks...
I got this set of six books that has different musical instruments on each of them. I thought they were really nice and pretty.

Then I decided that I did not want to lug around six books with me and instead got this..

Its a Five-In-One subject book, which was what I should have bought originally... so.....

But I have 7 Subjects so maybe I'll use the notebooks after all....

Anyway... Moving on...

I already have a bunch of pencils lying around but I got these two really nice metallic ones that I just had to get...

I got some pens.. Most of them are blue and black except for the three colored ones that you guys see there.
TIP: I find it really useful if I use different colored inks to either write like headings/pointers or even underline some important terms with them. Its easier if you have the headings/pointers in different ink when you go back to revise.

I love this set of pens, if you guys can't see, it has musical notes all over the pen, which I love! ♥

 I got this blue gel pen which had this cool scalloped topper which had me like -  gimme, gimme, gimme!!

I got these fancy-shmancy pens from dad... He wasn't using them anyway... Hehe :P

 Okay, these ones are so cool... they have a regular ball-point pen on one end and on the other they have this changeable pencil nibs, I think that's what they're called.And this has been super helpful during class when I need to jot down stuff on the notebook and then switch to write or mark something in the text. (I don't like to use pens on text books... Its just wrong to me....)

Then I got some markers for my whiteboard....
I find it useful to write stuff down a couple times like formulas and to-do lists. Its handy to have a whiteboard marker to kind of jot stuff down, and you can just erase it when you're done!

 I bought some Post-Its.. Because its handy to mark off the pages that I need to revisit or if I need to make some notes there.
I'm totally going and getting more soon!
I also got myself a new pouch because the one I had before this one was getting kinda frayed...
I absolutely love this one! It has so many pockets and is perfect to fit everything!

Finally, the planner!

I'd recommend getting a planner because it just helps you keep organized and on point for the whole year.
You can buy one or DIY like mine!
It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it just has to work for you. ☺
Can you guys see the little heart paper clip poking out from the page there?
I made a bunch of those too... I thought they looked so cute!

Lemme know if you guys want to see any BTS DIY or any DIY in general. Always there if you guys need to talk.

PS: Comment and let me know if you would be interested in getting a custom bookmark maybe? I would love to do a giveaway for that!

Have a great school year my lovelies! I love you guys! ♥

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