Wednesday, 29 July 2015


The time for some changes is a coming.....

So this past week I've been binge watching YouTube and DIY videos.... Man these people are talented!
I should have been studying for a test this Saturday but well...

Its been a while since the blog had a new look... So here it is! MAKEOVER!!

Lemme know what you guys think!

What do you wanna see here?

Do you guys like the logo? Tell me! No seriously lemme know in the comments..... Its my first logo design and I need opinions!!

Also I mentioned making bookmarks in the last post...
I made a few corner bookmarks... They weren't all that fantastic.. Do you wanna see pics?

Back by Monday lovelies! (I hope.... I have a bad bad feeling and it won't go away...My mother thinks its psychological 'coz its been a while since I've had this bad bad feeling... Great *rolls eyes*)

Till Later oxox
~ TJ

Monday, 6 July 2015


Hello lovelies!

After much of the family drama, I am BACK! Spent a couple weeks catching up with the TV shows I missed and a few comics, then more family drama *rolls eyes*...

BTW have you guys read The Flash Season Zero and Arrow Season 2.5 comics yet? They are pretty good!

So I did not get to read much over the last couple months but I have made progress with the 2015 Reading Challenge! I will have that updated by this week, I hope! :P

In other news I've joined Mandarin classes and hopefully, I will be able to speak fluently soon!

Also a friend's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of making a few bookmarks for her to go with her gifts... I'll try to post pictures here... Maybe a giveaway if I can get people to join in? ;)
I detest birthdays! They make me much too anxious...

Till later!
Much love!