Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Deathly-Roses Vol 1 Blog Tour!

The Deathly-Roses Vol 1 by Melina Turner

(TDR is a flash fiction novella series)
I had scratches and scars all over me but they were slowly disappearing, which was great and would let my beauty settle in. I looked at myself focusing on different parts of my face, something was different. Was it my full lips? The cleaned face? The well-plucked eyebrows? No, it wasn't. It was my eye color it had changed... 
Meet Wisty, a teenager forced by her family to bond to the richest, in Acrelain. But dire punishments have given her something she never believed was true. Join Wisty as she sets off on her journey between good and evil to find the very truths...that could break her or make her stronger. 

I'm not scheduled for a review, I know but for a prelude to that thing down there (the sketch... isn't very good I know) I thought I might as well post it.

The Deathly Roses...
The title itself would make me want to read the book. The first time when Melina told me about this book's title I loved it! I thought it’s different; it’s got a cool ring to it and it’s mysterious… I set to read it and finished it rather quickly.
I’d say this that I’m not a fan of this style of writing but I really liked the story line. By the time I was done reading it made me anxious to find out what would happen next.
Only negative, it just needs a little more polishing for me...

It’s not very often that I’m inspired to sketch, but after reading the book I kept thinking about the title and ended up sketching... Any book that can inspire me to do anything is definitely a must have for me!

A fast paced gripping story and an original take on things. Can’t wait to see where she takes this journey to next!

My well sketch :P

Lemme know how it is?

Take Care!

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