Thursday, 23 August 2012

RM Gilmore's Birthday Bash Blog Tour!

I'm so glad to be a part of an awesome Tour by RM Gilmore!

Here's the Guest Post that she wrote... (I loved this one! Give it a looksie! ;) )

5 Random Thoughts

At a loss as to a topic for this guest post, I, along with the votes of some awesome folks, decided I'd comment on the top 5 random thoughts I've had today. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Cheez-Its stink, but they taste so good

During lunch today, I opened a ziploc bag full of white cheddar Cheez-Its I had so lovingly placed in there this morning. I was instantly hit with the sickening smell of cheese. My stomach churned at the stench, but my mind knew the truth. Those little cheesy squares are flavor packed shapes of deliciousness! From afar one could reasonably assume the little orange ( or white) crackers were a mishmash of Parmesan cheese and feet. But they would be wrong. Oh, so, wrong. They are wonderful four-sided bundles of cheesiness! And at the center, the hole. A pocket for holding extra flavor! Cheez-Its, a wonderfully stinky snack that will knock your socks off.  

2. Guys with flat hair - The Cesar cut

Anyone who has stepped outside at all since 1993 knows what I'm talking about. Young men choose to lather on the hair gel and slick their hair forward, creating teeny tiny mini-bangs that curl strangely on the forehead. When the coif dries to maximum strength a thick crunchy helmet is created allowing the style to withstand the elements for hours on end. One of the more popular styles of this 'do is the bleached out to the max version rocked by Eminem call the Slim Shady. It's mashed down, gelled out, mini-bangs for boys. Before the Bowl cut, the Faux Hawk, and Emo bangs, boys rocked the Cesar. I should mention, I HATE this! 

3. B-movies on Chiller - Free fun at a huge cost.

Biggest waste of time you will ever find in your life, but will leave you with so many witty remarks it'll have your head spinning. If you are the type of person who enjoys laughing at the expense of others (Like me) you are the type of person who could benefit, psychologically, from the hour and a half of the idiocy a really bad B-Movie can provide. You will laugh, you will yell, you will release all of that pent up aggression you've been holding onto all week. Everyday, all day, unless they are playing reruns of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (in which case you have already won) the Chiller channel airs "horror" movies. This is not a movie channel, you don't have to pay for this, it's just there, always. Anytime, day or night, you can flip it over to Chiller and catch your daily dose of hilarious ridiculousness. Then, the best part I think, you can tell your friends how awesome the movie was and laugh at the fact they will be forced to endure an hour an a half a crappy dialogue, horrible story lines, and hilarious special effects at your recommendation. The movies may be free, but the fun will cost you your sanity. All in the name of cruelty. 

4. Butt Dimples.

Probably the sexiest thing I've seen in my life. A man, or woman, who was blessed with these adorable little dimples are blessed indeed. These two little divots sit just above the cheeks and just below the back. Can be seen when naked or rocking a pair of low rise jeans. On occasion you may be exposed to butt dimples because the man sporting them is also revealing his butt cleavage. This is NOT the prime view zone. Wait until you have de-clothed this man and look again. (Best viewed when standing.)

5. Come get me later. I'll be right here. 

There comes a point in ones day, whether it be a fun day shopping with friends or a night out with the boy, you are in all ways finished. Your feet burn and ache from walking all day (or night), your eyes are nearly closing with little regard to your feelings or thoughts on the matter, and to make matters worse your body has decided you are too old and fat to move anymore. At all. It is at this time you are forced to make a choice. Man up and stick it out or find a nice gutter to lie down it. If you stick it out you run the risk of getting trapped into further excursions, but you could find your second wind. If you find a nice place to hang until it's time to go home there is always a chance someone might mistake your half limp body for a dehydrated homeless person and drag you to the shelter against your will, or you could get the rest you need and find your second wind. I say, pull up a piece of curb and have a sit down. "Come get me later. I'll be right here." 

No one, ever, should be exposed to the thoughts in my head. Because of this I am considering offering counseling to those affected by this post. Of course, I will be providing this service myself so you might reconsider before requesting provided counseling. 



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  1. Happy Birthday RM...yes girlie you have a crazy mind,lol! I like the butt dimples comment bc my ex-husband and my son have them,I think they are so cute :)